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Changing spawners is back!

SGCPvP a posted 19 hours ago
HYPE! Donators can now change spawners! But you can only change them to certain types. There will be a list below on what ranks can change spawners to which types of mobs.

WARNING: All donators that can change spawners have a cooldown time of 8 hours. BUT, the plugin that we are currently using can only use command cooldowns for  main commands. So what I'm getting to is if you type /spawner (views what type of spawner you are looking at) it has the same data as typing /spawner cow for example. So if you go to view what spawner you are looking at, that will count as changing a spawner and your cooldown will be activated.

What ranks can change which types of spawners?


Hope you enjoy this new feature i added.

It has come to my attention that people have been abusing the permissions of /nick. Players who already had the permissions of /nick just renamed themselves to their alternate account's IGN and tryed to get free rank. We are currently working on banning people who abused the system of reclaim. To fix this, instead of taking down the reclaim system we removed the permissions of /nick from everyone. I might add this feature back in the future if we decide to take down the reclaim feature but no promises.

xX_G3N3RAL_Xx x You need me back please
xX_G3N3RAL_Xx x Lone might've been Titan. I dont remember but why was I banned?
Yobro1321 Nice story general... Pls stop begging and groveling. Its not doing you any good.

Reclaim your rank

SGCPvP a posted Jan 18, 15
You can now reclaim your rank from the old server! In order to do this you will need to show physical proof. You need to be a registered user and have joined the website in order to submit a reclaim request. To join the website, when you are logged into your account, click 'Join the Website' in the upper right corner of the page. To make a reclaim request, fill out the information and link your proof at or by going to the top menu of this website and clicking 'Reclaim your Rank'. I wish you all the best of luck with getting your rank back!


p.s. I have been aware that this reclaim feature isnt working. I have made a forum section where you can post it there. Make sure you include your in-game money and physical proof. <3

Welcome to the website!

SGCPvP a posted Jan 16, 15
Hello all and welcome to the new SGCPvP Factions PvP official website! This website is going to be mainly used for forums, a server donation shop, and staff applications. We are going to keep the server updated as much as possible!


     - Owner: Andyrrrr
     - Co-Owner: AJ844FB (set up the whole server himself)
     - Admins: LilZane (Working on New Spawn with others)
     - Moderators: to be named later
     - Helpers: to be named later

I just wanted to inform you about the news of the new website! Also, people who bought ranks on the old server that want their ranks back will need to make a new thread under forums and showing proof that they had a rank (receipt, youtube video, etc) and we will he happy to give back your rank for free! This will be announced in the future. Hope you all have fun on the server and make sure to report and problems/bugs with the server in any way.

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