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Reset Date -
May, 29

Up Coming Drop Partys -

Ruining the economy DP : May, 17

After Reset DP : May, 30

Some Of The Things Coming With The Reset:
- New Online Items / Buyables
- In Game Ranks (/RankUp) 
- New Kits for Everyone /kit PvP, /Kit Build, /Kit Reset(One Time Use) and more
- GUIShop 
- New Economy
- New Crate Key Prizes
- New Voting Rewards / Voting Key Rewards
- Some Kits and commands may be changed for ranks
- Everyone Will Keep There Ranks / In Game Donated Items (Next reset you will only keep your ranks)
- Server Will Be Fully 1.8 so we can do alot of new cool things
- All 1.8 Blocks and Items

NOTE: There will be a huge faction / non-faction PvP war after the DP on May 16th! I hope you guys are ready for some fun!


silentwizard So there will not be a fac war right before the reset now? And is there a reward for winning the war?
sleeper812 After the May 29th reset - so we are actually keeping our in-game items like homes, bases we have built, items we have i ...
nqz I would like to ask why we are having a for the 2nd time this month. Even though idc as of now, In the reset I would lik ...


zXxlilzanexXz a posted Apr 19, 15

Hey guys I want to talk about a reset.

Okay guys so about a reset, We are planning on reseting soon so we are going to let you guys decide! We will be either reseting on 
- May 29 (Begining of the summer) So you have all summer to play on a fresh new map 
- July 31 (End Of Summer) So you can keep playing after school 

When we do have a reset I have alot of new things planned and really would like to add them ASAP so personally I hope we have a reset May 29 but like I said its up to you guys to be sure to let me now in the comments of this post or post something on the forums.


There will be a NEW spawn
2 Kits will be added when we do a reset:
-Kit Build (Inv of obby) 24 hour cooldown for 1 week
-Kit Reset (A lot of OP Items) 1 use only

silentwizard Yes sleeper812 it does
sleeper812 Does a reset mean we lose our current stuff including homes and the fac base?
silentwizard Then possibly make it hard to get wither skulls and also I would vote to take out /warp end and nether next reset