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New SGCPvP Admin

Owner SGCPvP a posted May 24, 16

Please welcome RyanFlake as our new SGCPvP Admin.  We are almost done with the reset.

Thank you, 

Yobro This is awesome. I am so happy that you guys are revamping sgcpvp. Look forward to getting back on.


zXxlilzanexXz a posted Apr 22, 16

Hey guys its Zane , was at school and decided to check out the website after 5 months of being absent. just want to saya huge thank you to everyone who played SGC while we were working hard trying to bring it back up , it was alot of fun learning plugins and was fun having a community of awesome players . Miss all of you! -Zane 

RyanFlake SGCPvP Admin a DJ the server shale be up as soon as possible sorry about the wait
DJ_illusions when is the server can be back up from maintenance?
RyanFlake SGCPvP Admin a hi Zane are u coming back to MC ?

Back to school sale for the month of August.  Enjoy 50% off everything except support the server and unbans. No coupon needed just click and pay. 




Little update!

zXxlilzanexXz a posted Jun 9, 15

Hey guys Zane here!

I would just like to take a quick second to say hello to all of the new players that we have here on SGC! its really nice to see new players on all the time. 

but anyways about what I wanted to talk about and tell you guys!
First off /sell all & /sell hand have been added to the server! ( I think them are the ingame commands I could be wrong <3 )

Also we would like to take some suggestions from you guys and see what you you would like to see being added to SGC leave a comment on this post of post it on the forums!

Have Fun Playing!

PrestigeYT I think that members should have a PV 1 instead of an endear chest or both
sleeper812 It would be great to see Depth Strider for boots added to the Donor Shop like Respiration. There is room for adding it.
SilentWizard oh no no no I would never insult you like that


zXxlilzanexXz a posted May 29, 15

Hey guys Zane here!

All of our hard work is ready to be shown to you guys! Hope you guys like the reset! :)

- Server Is Now fully 1.8
- Donation ranks commands changed
- You can see all yourarrow-10x10.png new commands by going to the "Donation Store" tab and clicking on your ranks picture
- New Map (Custom Map - Ores can be found at any Y Levelarrow-10x10.png)
- In game rankup ranks! (/Prestige)
- New Name look - Example [Prestige Rank ] Players Name {Donation Rank} 
- New Kits
- /Kit PvP
- /kit Reset (For 1 - 2 months )
- /kit Build (For 1 - 2 months )
- New Spawn
- New Shop
- New Economy
- New /Warp DP
- New /Warp PvPArena
- and much more! :)

mentor252 I Lost My Rank After The Reset Username: Mentor252 I had Rank Warlord.
MacMac2044 Mrandy i need to talk to you ps: love the reset
kilvenny shameless plug of youtube channel GG